photo ofKodak Pocket Video Camera Zi8 digital camera camcorder Trade Twin Pack 2 x 32GB Memory Card class 10 SD SDHC Class 10

Kodak Pocket Video Camera Zi8 digital camera camcorder Trade Twin Pack 2 x 32GB Memory Card class 10 SD SDHC Class 10

Kodak Zi8 video camera has two distinguishing benefits - HD digital video and stereo sound (with external microphone - that option is not available for example in Kodak PlaySport cameras). And this digital camcorder is obviously very affordable.

As part of this Kodak Zi8 review it is good to know that Kodak Zi8 certainly enables you to easily edit the video, on a very basic level, on your computer, be it a PC or a Mac. Practical software ArcSoft MediaImpression for Kodak is included for Windows Vista and newer versions (it usually works in Windows XP, too) while for Mac is it expected to plug USB cable from camera and use existing software like iMovie for additional powerful editiing. Clearly no additional cables are needed in either case.

Kodak Zi8 Features

  • Take full HD 1080p videos wherever you go
  • Premiere your videos in the palm of your hand with the vivid 2.5-inch color LCD
  • Share on Facebook and YouTube with ease: built-in software makes editing and uploading simple
  • Plenty of room for more - record up to 10 hours of HD video (Record ~20 min per 1 GB at 720p HD at 30 fps) with the expandable SD/SDHC Card slot that can hold up to 32 GB
  • Capture your friends in their best light with smart face tracking technology
  • Make audio awesome: the external microphone jack lets you record in stereo
  • Be ready for the big screen right out of the box with complementary HDMI cable

Trade Twin Pack 2 x 32GB Memory Card Our 32GB Class 10 High Speed SDHC Memory Card class 10 is ideal for all uses, including HD video recording High Speed Sports Photos and High Speed Multy Shots especially with high megapixel rating due to it's very high speed. In our tests these cards show a sustained read speed above 17mb/s and a sustained write speed above 15mb/s making them faster than most other Memory Card class 10s on the market. This product is brand new and comes supplied in a protective Memory Card class 10 case. Class 10 SD Memory Card class 10s are the fastest speed available and can cope with very large files without the risk of playback lag. If you are using an SDHC Memory Card class 10 in a Digital Camera SD Secure Digital Card with very high megapixel rating or recording HD video we would recommend using a Class 10 card for optimal performance.

  • 2 x 32GB Class 10 Ultra High Speed SDHC Memory Card class 10
  • Life time warranty
  • Data is not lost when power is turned off
  • Write Speed: 19MB/s. Read Speed: 20MB's
  • All Cards shipped FedEx Express with Tracking Number for a trouble free serivice 2 working days to most parts of the USA

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